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Assoc. Prof. Valentina Lorenzetti Name: Assoc. Prof. Valentina Lorenzetti
Associate Professor
+613 9230 8088
Organisational Area
Faculty of Health Sciences
School of Behavioural and Health Sciences (VIC)
Building(215 Spring Street, Melbourne VIC 3000)-Level 5-Room5.36
Biographical Information


Training & appointments


I gained my PhD at The University of Melbourne in December 2012, on the neurobiology of cannabis use. I held Research Fellows posts at the Department of Psychiatry, The University of Melbourne (2013), and at Monash University to study the neurobiology of addiction disorders (cannabis, gambling, cocaine) (2014-2016). In 2014, I visited the D'Or Research Institute (Brazil) to run the first study using a Virtual Reality brain-computer-interface in a real-time fMRI-based neurofeedback platform, which I replicated at Monash. I was in the UK for two years (2016-2018). There, I held a Research Fellow post at University of East London with Prof Fu to map neuroimmunology mechanisms of novel treatments (mindfulness, SNRI) in depression (May-July 2016) and a Senior Lecturer post at the University of Liverpool to consolidate my research agenda in addiction neuroscience. I moved back with my family to Australia with a tenure Senior Lecturer post at Australian Catholic University (Apr 2018-current).

Scientific contribution


I am recognized as an expert in the field of addiction neurosciences. Using neuroimaging and neurocognitive methods and techniques in humans, my research has advanced the current understanding of the neurocognitive and mental health correlates of (i) cannabis and alcohol dependence (ii) other psychopathologies including depression, psychotic disorders, problem gambling and opiate addiction.

Track record


My research has resulted in 636publications to date, published in well-regarded peer reviewed neuroscientific journals including American Journal of Psychiatry (IF:14.176), Human Brain Mapping (2018, IF: 4.927), Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (2018, IF: 9.504), Lancet Psychiatry (2017, IF:15.233), JAMA Psychiatry (2016, IF:16.642) and Brain (2012, IF:10.840).

I have an H-index of 22. My work has attracted >2,000 citations, including a highly cited paper in Journal of Affective Disorders (2008, IF:3.786, >460 citations). I have attracted a total grant value of ~A$2.5M, including a NHRMC project grant (2017-2021), 3 x fellowships, and other research funding.


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Dr Lorenzetti's research focuses on mapping brain, cognitive and mental health outcomes in substance use and addiction using neuroimaging, multi-site studies and longitudinal neuroimaging consortia in adults and adolescents. She is also interested in unpacking which variables drive adverse brain, cognition and mental health outcomes in addiction, including recreational use versus dependence use, sex differences and drug potency and how such harms can be reduced with accessible evidence-based interventions (such as mindfulness, neurofeedback, cannabidiol administration). 

I regularly provided advanced training in neuroimaging methods and techniques to examine psychiatry disorders and neurodevelopment, involving to date >30 graduate/postgraduate students, and ~20 international visiting academics from national/international research centres. This work resulted in publications in peer-reviewed international journals and preparation for and Honors/PhD theses.

Professional Memberships

Assistant Editor, Addiction

Editorial Board, Psychiatric Research Neuroimaging

Member of:

European College of Neuropsychopharmacology

Society for the Study of Addiction

World Federation Society for Biological Psychiatry


ENIGMA Addiction consortium

Neuroscience Interest Group, Lead of Neuroimaging stream


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