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A/Prof Pre De Silva Name: A/Prof Pre De Silva
Associate Professor (Chemistry)
+612 9739 2346
+612 9739 2319
Organisational Area
Faculty of Health Sciences
School of Behavioural and Health Sciences (NSW)
North Sydney
Building 532 - Tenison Woods House (8-20 Napier Street, North Sydney NSW 2060)-Level 7-Room 532.7.04
Biographical Information


Pre De Silva is a chemist in the School of Behavioural and Health Sciences at North Sydney campus. She obtained her PhD from the University of Aberdeen (UK).  Before joining ACU she worked as a Lecturer at the University of Ruhuna (Sri Lanka), as a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Lancaster (UK) and then as a Research Scientist in the Manufacturing and Materials Division at CSIRO. 



From her research work, Dr De Silva has produced a total of more than 40 refereed journal papers, conference presentations and research reports/pending patents.

Book Chapters

De Silva P, Hanjitsuwan S and Chindaprasirt P. &ldquo The Role of Si02 and Al203 on the Properties of Geopolymers with and without Calcium&rdquo  Developments in Strategic Materials and Computational Design IV: Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceedings, 2013, Volume 34, Issue 10, pp 25-35 (ISBN: 978-1-118-80727-9)

Robinson K, Ballard F., De Silva P, Hendrick L, Macgibbon M, Metha H & Rouf A.&ldquo Academic guided peer support for struggling first year students&rdquo Learning, Teaching and Social Justice in Higher Education, University of Melbourne Scholarship Research Centre Publishers (2010) 189-199. (ISBN/APN: 9781921775284)

Journal Publications (2006 onwards)

  • De Silva P, Downs J., Olufson K.,, Davis J., Vance E. R.,and Johnson G., &lsquoAqueous leaching of an industrial geopolymer&rsquo (2016), Journal of Aus. Ceram. Soc. Vol 52, 1-6pg
  • Tennakoon, C, De Silva P, Sagoe-Crentsil K, Sanjayan J. G., (2015)Influence and role of feedstock Si and Al content in Geopolymer synthesis. Journal of Sustainable Cement-Based Materials Vol. 4, No. 2, 129&ndash139
  • Sagoe-Crentsil K, De Silva P., &ldquoAlkali activated binders: Early age nucleation reactions, chemical phase evolution and their implications on system properties&rdquo (2015) The journal of the Chinese ceramic society, Vol 43, No 10, 1449 - 1456
  • Kulasuriya C., Vimonsatit V., Dias WPS, De Silva P. "Design and development of Alkali Pozzolan Cement" (2014) Construction and Building Materials 426-433pg
  • Sukmak P, De Silva P, Horpibulsuk S, and Chindaprasirt P, "Sulphate Resistance of Clay-Portland system and Clay-High calcium Flyash Geopolymer system" Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering (2015) 27(5), 04014158 (2015)
  • Chindaprasirt P, De Silva P, Hanjitsuwan S. "Effect of High Speed mixing on Properties of High Calcium Fly ash geopolymer Paste" Arabian journal of Science and Engineering (2014) DOI 10.1007/s13369-014-1217-1
  • Chindaprasirt P. De Silva P., Sagoe-Crentsil K. and Hanjitsuwan S. " Effect of SiO2 and Al2O3 on the setting and hardening of high calcium fly ash-based geopolymer systems" Journal of Materials Science, Volume 47, Number 12 (2012), 4876-4883
  • De Silva, P Bucea L., Sirivivatnanon V., &ldquoChemical, Microstructural and Strength development of calcium and magnesium carbonate binders&rdquo Cement and Concrete Research (2009) 39, 460&ndash465
  • De Silva, P , Sagoe-Crentsil K., &ndash&ndash&ldquoThe role of Oxides on the amorphous &ndash crystalline phase transformation in geopolymers&rdquo Journal of the Aus. Ceram. Soc (2009) 45, 63-71 (ERA
  • De Silva, P and Sagoe-Crentsil K., &ldquoThe medium term stability of Na2O-Al2O3-SiO2-H2O geopolymer phases&rdquo Cement and Concrete Research, (2008)  38 /6, 870-876
  • De Silva, P and Sagoe-Crentsil K., &ldquoThe effect of Al and Si on setting and hardening of Na2O-Al2O3-SiO2-H2O geopolymer systems&rdquo Journal of the Aus. Ceram. Soc (2008) 44 (1), 39-46
  • De Silva, P , Sagoe-Crentsil K., and Sirivivatnanon V., &ldquoKinetics of Geopolymerisation: Role of Al2O3 and SiO2&rdquo Cement and Concrete Research, (2007) 37, 512-518
  • De Silva, P. , Bucea L., Sirivivatnanon V and Moorehead D., &ldquoCarbonate binders by cold sintering of calcium carbonate&rdquo Journal of Material Science, (2007)  42 (16),  6792-6797
  • De Silva, P., Bucea L., Moorehead D and Sirivivatnanon V., &ldquoCarbonate binders: Kinetics, strength and microstructure&rdquo Cement and Concrete Composites, 2006, 28, 613-620


Conference Presentations (2006 onwards)

  • De Silva, P.  &ndash Invited Speaker.  37th International Conference on Advanced Ceramics and Composites held in Florida, USA 2013
  • Hanjitsuwan S, De Silva P.,  Chindaprasirt P.,  4th KKU International Engineering Conference 2012 (KKU-IENC 2012) in Thailand in May 2012.
  • Chand H., De Silva P., Vance L, Sagoe-Crenstil K., &ldquoThe role of Oxide content of geopolymers in Cs and Sr immobilisation&rdquo PacRim 9 &ldquoThe 9th International Meeting of Pacific Rim Ceramic Societies, Cairns, July 2011
  • De Silva, P. &ndash Invited Speaker - Geopolymer International Conference held at the Institute of Geopolymers in Paris, France, July 2010
  • De Silva, P &ndash&ldquoamorphous &ndash crystalline phase transformation in geopolymers&rdquo Materials and Austceramics International Conference, Gold Coast, 2009.
  • De Silva, P &ndash Invited Lecture &ndashThe Royal Golden Jubilee research presentations on Geopolymers Khon Kaen University, Thailand Sept. 2008
  • De Silva, P., &ldquosetting and hardening of geopolymer systems&rdquo Materials and Austceramics International Conference, Sydney, 2007.


Dr De Silva has extensive research experience in wider areas of chemistry and these include:

  • Novel biomaterials for bio-medical applications
  • Utilization of industrial wastes in the development of eco-friendly, low-carbon binders
  • Development of inorganic polymer systems suitable to immobilize radioactive wastes
  • Carbon dioxide mineral sequestration  
  • Development of cleaning up technologies for waste water and industrial spillage
  • The effect of various aggressive environments on the service life of building and structures

She has served as a consultant for a number of industry based projects in the above areas.

Current Research Projects

  • ARC Linkage Industrial Transformation Research Hub (IH150100006) - Collaboration with UTS and Monash University
  • Application of inorganic polymers (Geopolymers) in nuclear waste disposal - Collaboration with ANSTO & CSIRO
  • Use of rice husk ash in the Geopolymer development - Collaboration with Khon Kaen University, Thailand

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