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Dr Mellita Jones Name: Dr Mellita Jones
Senior Lecturer (Maths Science & Technology Education)
+613 5336 5372
Organisational Area
Faculty of Education and Arts
School of Education VIC - Ballarat
Building 111 - The Catherine of Siena Centre (1200 Mair Street, Lake Wendouree, VIC 3350)-Ground-Room 111.G.20
Biographical Information

Dr. Mellita Jones (PhD MEdR GDES GCHE BSc) has been a Lecturer in Science Education for the past ten years.  Her teaching is focused on linking theory and practice in authentic and meaningful ways that enhance pre-service teachers' ability and confidence to teach science.  Her research is focused on science teacher pedagogy and effective teacher education, particularly through the use of critical reflective practice, and this informs her work with practising and preservice teachers in these areas.

Mellita's work with schools also gives her a range of experiences in teacher professional learning in science education, inquiry learning, curriculum design and reflective practice.   Her teacher professional learning consultancies have been based in national and international settings including work in developing countries and writing UNESCO's teacher education program for the Pacific region.



Articles in Refereed Journals

Jones, M. & Ryan, J. (2014). Learning in the practicum: Engaging pre-service teachers in reflective practice in the online space. Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education, 42(2), 132-146.


Kenny, J. D., Hobbs, L., Herbert, S., Jones, M., Chittleborough, G., Campbell, C., Gilbert, A., Redman, C. (2014). Science teacher education partnerships with schools (STEPS): Partnerships in science teacher education. Australian Journal of Teacher Education, 39(12), 43-65.


Ryan, J., Jones, M. & Walta, C. (2012). Creating a Sustainable and Supportive Teaching Practicum in Rural and Regional Locations. Australian and International Journal of Rural Education, 22(1), 57-72.


Jones, Mellita M. & McLean, Karen J. (2012) Personalising Learning in Teacher Education through the use of Technology, Australian Journal of Teacher Education, 37(1), 75-92.


Jones, M. (2009). Enhancing student motivation and their sense of feeling valued through a vertical re-structuring of the curriculum. Curriculum Perspectives, 29(3), 47-68.


Jones, M. (2008). Collaborative Partnerships: A Model for Science Teacher Education and Professional Development. Australian Journal of Teacher Education, 33(3), 61-76.



Jones, M. & Ryan, J. (Eds.). (2014). Successful Teacher Education: Partnerships, Reflective Practice and the place of Technology. The Netherlands: Sense Publishers.


Jones, M. (2010). Engaging students in the middle years of schooling: Reforming the curriculum. Deutschland: LAP Lambert Academic Publishers. 


Book Chapters:

Jones, M. (2014). Reflective practice in the online space. In M. Jones & J. Ryan (Eds.), Successful Teacher Education: Partnerships, Reflective Practice and the place of Technology (pp. 153-176). The Netherlands: Sense Publishers.


Jones, M., & Ryan, J. (2014). Successful and ‘transferrable’ practice. In M. Jones & J. Ryan (Eds.), Successful Teacher Education: Partnerships, Reflective Practice and the place of Technology (pp. 177-194). The Netherlands: Sense Publishers.


Ryan, J., & Jones, M. (2014). Communication in the practicum: Fostering relationships between universities and schools. In M. Jones & J. Ryan (Eds.), Successful Teacher Education: Partnerships, Reflective Practice and the place of Technology (pp. 103-120). The Netherlands: Sense Publishers.


Carter, L., Castano, C. & Jones, M. (2014). Transformative Learning in Science Education: Investigating Pedagogy for Action. In Bencze, J.L., & Alsop, S. (Eds). Activist science & technology education (pp. 531-545). Dordrecht: Springer.


Ryan, J., Jones, M., Buchanan, M., Morris, P. Nuttall, M. & Smith, C. (2011). Effective preservice teacher education ‘At a distance’: An investigation of the multimodal delivery of a secondary preservice teacher education program-perceptions of preservice teachers, teachers and university lecturers. In MacTeer, C. Distance Education (pp. 149-166). Nova Publications.


Coming Soon:

McLean, K., Jones, M., & Schaper, C. (in press). Children’s literature as an invitation to science inquiry in early childhood education. Australasian Journal of Early Childhood


Carter, L. Castano, C. & Jones, M. (in press). Educational visions: Transformative learning and socio-political action in science education. In R. Levinson, L.  Bencze, L. Carter, I. Martins, C. Pouliot, & M. Weinstein (Eds.), Politicized science and technology education. Dordrecht, Springer.


Jones, M., & McLean, K. (under contract). Personalising learning in teacher education. Dordrecht, Springer.


Jones, M. (under contract). ‘Preach or teach’: A journey towards activism in science teacher education, In L. Bencze (Ed.), Science & technology promoting wellbeing for individuals, societies & environments. Dordrecht: Springer.


Brandenburg, R., Glasswell, K., Jones, M., & Ryan, J. (Eds.). (under contract). Reflective theories in teacher education practice. Dordrecht, Springer.


Pedagogies for Teacher Education

Reflective Practice

Science Education
Science Teacher Education
Professional Learning in Science




International Consultancies

Review and Rewrite UNESCO's Teacher Education Program for the Asia-Pacific Region  

SPN21 Diagnostic Assessment in Mathematics, Ministry of Education, Bandar Seri Begawan, Negara Brunei Darussalam, 2008.                                                                                                                              

Sodality Conference. Archdiocese of Honiara, Solomon Islands.    

Sodality Conference. Archdiocese of Honiara, Solomon Islands. 

National Consultancies

Victorian Government Department of Education and Early Childhood Development: Review the primary and secondary curriculum samples for the DEECD website                                                                                                  

Our Lady of Mercy College Heidleberg: 5Es for new staff; Reviewing Biology, Chemistry and Physics Programs; National Curriculum and Assessment in Science 

Our Lady of Mercy College Heidleberg: Science Recolo Program - Redesigning the Curriculum

St Joseph’s College Fernrtree Gully: Science and 5Es Workshop

Our Lady of Mercy College Heidleberg: Science and 5Es  Workshop         

Ballarat CEO Small Schools Project: Science and Inquiry Learning  Workshop

Ballarat Teacher Education Network (TEN): Supporting Students having Difficulty with Mathematics workshop  


Teaching Experience

Science and Technology for Primary Teachers
Science and Technology Edcuation
Exploring Mathematics
Linking Teaching and Learning of Mathematics
Contexts for Learning and Development
Understanding Learning

Science Curriculum and Teaching
Mathematics in the Middle Years

Mellita has experience in on-campus, mixed mode and online teaching and learning.


Year 12 VCE Physics

Year 11 VCE Physics

Year 11 VCE General Mathematics

Year 7-10 Mathematics

Year 7-10 Science

Professional Memberships

Australian Teacher Edcuation Association (ATEA)
Australian Science Education Research Association (ASERA)

Association for Teacher Education Europe (ATEE)
European Science Education Research Association (ESERA)

RACV Energy Breakthrough Project
East Timor Friendship Schools


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