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Biographical Information

I am an Associate Professor in the National School of Arts, based on the Brisbane campus of ACU.

I hold a PhD from the University of Stirling in Scotland, which I received in 2000 as a Commonwealth Scholar to the United Kingdom. I also have Graduate Certificate in Higher Education.

My research and teaching are mainly in Australian literary studies but also reflect a deep and genuine commitment to interdisciplinarity. I have also taught in history, sociology and politics.

All my research is focused on questions of race, identity and justice and is committed to the small ways in which engaging with stories can make the world a better place.


2004                Griffith University, Brisbane
                                    Graduate Certificate in Higher Education
1999                University of Stirling, Scotland
                                    Doctor of Philosophy
                                    Thesis Title: Psychoanalyzing Colonialism: Colonizing Psychoanalysis: Re-reading Aboriginality.
1996                University of Queensland
                                    Master of Arts
                                    Thesis Title: Literature and Australian Identities
1994                University of Tasmania
                                    Bachelor of Arts (Honours) 1st Class
                                    Double Major in English and Japanese

       Book chapters

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Refereed journal articles

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       From 2010-2020, I have been the co-editor of the peer reviewed and refereed Journal of Australian Studies

       I co-edited, with Jack Frawley and Nereda White, Indigenous Issues in Australian Universities: Research, Teaching, Support. Darwin: Charles             Darwin Univerity Press, 2009

       Editing of peer review special issues

       McDonald, Ronan and Maggie Nolan (2021) Guest Editors, "The Uses of Irish-Australian Literature.&rdquo Australian Literary Studies 36.2
       Collis, Christy, and Maggie Nolan (2005). Guest Editors, "Benevolence." Journal of Australian Studies (JAS) No. 85.
       Nolan, Maggie and Carrie Dawson (2004) Guest Editors, "Who's Who? Hoaxes and Imposture in Australian Literary Culture." Australian Literary         Studies  (ALS) 21.4

Although in literary studies, I am an interdisciplinary humanities scholar working across the fields of history, sociology and philosophy.

I am currently working on three research projects:

1) Literary hoaxes and imposture in the postwar Australia. This project addresses questions of identity, authority and authenticity through the lens of high-profile and controversial cases of literary hoaxing, imposture and cultural appropriation. 

2) Irish-Australian Literature. This project, with Professor Ronan McDonald, from University of Melbourne. This project seeks to identify appropriate conceptual models and frames within which to understand the discursive role of Irishness within Australian writing and the gestation of the Australian imaginary. 

3) Cultures of reading, with a focus on book clubs, with Dr Robert Clarke, of the University of Tasmania. This project aims to explore shared reading in Australia and extend our understanding of the impact of book groups in Australian public and private life.

I regularly engage with the media on my research. Some recent articles include:

May 2020, The Weekend Australian. Writing Country, Authoring Understanding introduces the recent work of six prominent Indigenous writers as part of their annual celebration of Indigenous achievement, which was widely shared on social media.

January 2020, ABC Religion and Ethics, Ethics of Reading:

July 2018, The Murri Book Club and the Politics of Reading for Indigenous Australians in The Conversation

My work has been cited in the media as well, including by:

Jenna Price in her Sydney Morning Herald article, Mean Book Clubs and How to Avoid them, (2020)

Lisa Mayoh (2017) Why Book Clubs are all the Rage Right Now story/ef45f2b912fc1a15b72acd71161f6bc1.

I am frequently interviewed for radio about book clubs and literary hoaxes, most recently on July 3, 2020 by Indira Naidoo as part of a panel on ABC RN nightlife and in December 2019, for ABC Evenings with Sirine Demachkie.



Professional Memberships
I am an executive member of InASA, the International Australian Studies Association.
I am an executive member and chair of the research sub-committee for the AUHE (Australian University Heads of English).
I am an executive member of AULLA (the Australian Universities Language and Literature Assocation).
Formerly, I was an Executive member of ASAL, the Association for the Study of Australian Literature, and I am current member of this assocation.

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