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Dr Lara Grollo Name: Dr Lara Grollo
Senior Lecturer
+613 9230 8141
+617 3623 7300
Organisational Area
Faculty of Health Sciences
School of Behavioural and Health Sciences (VIC)
Building 420 - The Mary Glowrey Building (115 Victoria Parade, Fitzroy VIC 3065)-Level 3-Room 420.3.73
Biographical Information

Dr Lara Grollo is a Lecturer in Science at Australian Catholic University, she is involved in the teaching and preparation of the new Biomedical Science degree.  Previsouly she worked as a lecturer in Biotechnology at Swinburne University of Technology where she taught into many subjects across the Biotechnology degree. Lara holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours) and PhD from the University of Melbourne and her PhD thesis was titled “Design and development of synthetic vaccine constructs and delivery systems”. She is a member of the Australian Society of Microbiology, the Australian Society of Immunology, AUSbiotech, the Society of Biology and is a director of the Grollo Ruzzene Foundation and has been a board member of the Monash University Medical Foundation Board. Her research interests include: enterovirus vaccine design and antiviral discovery; dengue fever virus vaccine design and antiviral discovery; and influenza virus antiviral discovery.


Karen Ivinson, Georgia Deliyannis, Leanne McNabb, Lara Grollo, Brad Gilbertson, David Jackson, Lorena E Brown (2017) Salivary blockade protects the lower respiratory tract of mice from lethal influenza, Journal of Virology, JVI. 00624-17

B Ramanathan, CL Poh, K Kirk, WJH McBride, J Aaskov, L Grollo, (2016) Synthetic B-Cell Epitopes Eliciting Cross-Neutralizing Antibodies: Strategies for Future Dengue Vaccine PloS one 11 (5), e0155900

CL Poh, K Kirk, HN Chua, L Grollo (2015) Enterovirus-Specific Anti-peptide AntibodiesPeptide Antibodies: Methods and Protocols, 341-350

Hamid Reza Pourianfar, Lara Grollo. (2015) &ldquoDevelopment of antiviral agents toward enterovirus 71 infection&rdquo Journal of Microbiology, Immunology and Infection 48(1), pp:1-8

Dhivya Rajasekaran, Enzo A Palombo, Tiong Chia Yeo, Diana Lim Siok Ley, Chu Lee Tu, Francois Malherbe, Lara Grollo.(2014) &ldquoEvidence of Synergistic Activity of Medicinal Plant Extracts against Neuraminidase Inhibitor Resistant Strains of Influenza Viruses&rdquo Advances in Microbiology, 4(16), pp:1260

Pourianfar, H.R, Kirk, K., Grollo, L (20141) &ldquoInitial evidence on differences among Enterovirus 71, Coxsackievirus A16 and Coxsackievirus B4 in binding to cell surface heparan sulphate&rdquo Virus Disease, 25(3), pp: 277-284

Dhivya Rajasekaran, Enzo Palombo, Tiong Chia Yeo, Diana Lim Siok Ley, Chu Lee Tu, Francois Malherbe and Lara Grollo (2013) &ldquoIdentification of traditional medicinal plant extracts with novel anti-influenza activity&rdquo PLOSone, 8 (11), e79293

Poruianfar, HR, Palombo, E., Grollo, L. (2013) &ldquoGlobal Impact of Heparin on Gene Expression Profiles in Neural Cells Infected by Enterovirus 71&rdquo, Intervirology, 57(2), pp: 93-100

Pourianfar, H.R., Poh, C.L., Fecondo, J., Grollo, L., (2012) "In vitro evaluation of the antiviral activity of heparan sulfate mimetic compounds against Enterovirus 71", Virus Research, 169(1), pp: 22-29

Pourianfar, H.R, Javedi, A, Grollo, L, (2012) "A colorimetric-based accurate method for the determination of Enterovirus 71 titer" has been received by Indian Journal of Virology, 23(3), pp:303-310

K Kirk, CL Poh, J Fecondo, H Pourianfar, J Shaw, L Grollo, (2012) &ldquoCross-reactive neutralizing antibody epitopes against Enterovirus71 identified by an in-silico approach&rdquo, Vaccine, 30(49), pp: 7105-7110

Weiguang Zeng. Emily Eriksson, Brendon Chua, Lara Grollo and David C. Jackson (2009) &ldquoStructural requirement for the agonist activity of the TLR2 ligand Pam2Cys&rdquo Amino Acids, 39(2), pp:471-480

Joseph Torresi, Owen M. Stock, Alexandra E. Fischer, Lara Grollo, Heidi Drummer, Irene Boo, Weiguang Zeng, Linda Earnest-Silveria and David C. Jackson (2007) &ldquoA self-adjuvanting multi-epitope immunogen that induces a broadly cross-reactive antibody to Hepatitis C virus&rdquo Hepatology, 45 (4), 911-920

Joseph Torresi, Alex Fischer, Lara Grollo, Weiguang Zeng, Heidi Drummer and David C Jackson (2007) &ldquoSynthetic peptide constructs incorporating both antibody and T-helper epitopes&rdquo Immunology Cell Biology 85 (2): 169-73

Lara Grollo, Joseph Torresi, Heidi Drummer, Weiguang Zeng, Nicholas Williamson and David Jackson (2006) &ldquoExploiting information inherent in binding sites of virus-specific antibodies: design of an HCV vaccine candidate cross-reactive with multiple genotypes&rdquo Antiviral therapy 11 (8): 1005-14

L. Grollo, J. Torresi, A.E. Fischer, H. Drummer, W. Zeng and D.C. Jackson  (2006) &ldquoCross-reactive epitopes identified in hepatitis C virus envelope proteins induce antibodies that capture virions from infected patients' sera and neutralize HCV/HIV pseudotypes&rdquo Journal of Clinical Virology, Volume 36, Supplement 2, 2006, Page S4

Professional Memberships

2010 &ndash Present     Royal Society of Biology

2009 &ndash present     Australian Society for Microbiology

2009 &ndash Present     Australian Society for Immunology

2008 &ndash Present     Biotechnology Australia



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