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Dr John Quilter Name: Dr John Quilter
Lecturer (Philosophy)
+612 9701 4283
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Faculty of Theology & Philosophy
National School of Philosophy
Building 640 - Edward Clancy Building(167-169 Albert Road, Strathfield NSW 2135)-Ground-RoomG.70
Biographical Information

UGII Dip Arts, Religion Studies (CIS), Cert IV Information Technology- Networking (TAFE), BA (Hons I- Classical Greek Hons I- Philosophy University Medal, Philosophy) (USyd), MA, Philosophy (Pittsburgh), PhD, Philosophy (Macquarie),GCHE (ACU)

Quilter has been a Fulbright Scholar and has held a number of research scholarships. He has taught Philosophy at Sydney University, Pittsburgh University and, since 1991, at ACU. He has been a visiting lecturer or fellow at Auckland University, Philosophy in the RSSS at ANU and the University of Örebro, Sweden. Quilter has published in Metaphysics, philosophy of religion, healthcare ethics, ancient philosophy, ancient Greek tragedy, moral philosophy and recent Australian philosophy. Current interests include Ancient, Medieval and Eastern Philosophy, Philosophy of Mind, epistemic and moral luck and chance as a modality in Physics. He has been a judge in the Eureka Prize for Ethics, the Chief Examiner of the NSW HSC Studies of Religion, Chairperson of the Australia Hearing REC and served on numerous academic and research ethics committees.


Recent Publications

"The Nature of Religious Dialogue, the Diversity Argument and Religious Pluralism" in John Ozolins (ed) (2016) Religion and Culture in Dialogue, Springer

"The new Enhancement Technologies and the Place of Vulnerability in our Lives" Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics vol 36, no 6 (2016): 1-19

&ldquo1990s: The Canberra Plan and the Diversification of Australasian Philosophy.&rdquo Chapter 8 in (2014) A History of Australasian Philosophy, eds. Oppy, G. & Trakakis, N. N. Springer.

&ldquoThe Contribution to Research Students&rsquo Development as Independent Researchers in Philosophy made by their Participation in Disciplinary Research Seminar Series.&rdquo Res Disputandae, vol 29 (2013): 78-99

&ldquoQuestioning the Gods: Religious Diversity and Atheism in Public Life.&rdquo In Uniting Church Studies vol 18, no 2, (2012): 91-103.

&ldquoSome Ethics Questions about the Transfer of Enrolments from Government to Private Schools in Australia: What are the Factors for this Trend and What is to be Made of Them Ethically?&rdquo Ethics Education, vol 14, no. 1, (2008): 4-24.

&ldquoMoral Responsibility, Luck and the Penal Lottery.&rdquo In Ethics Education, vol 12, no. 2, (2006): 22-26.

Forthcoming and Invited papers in 2015

"Reason, Interpretng Across Boundaris and the Nature of Dialogue" chapter 4 in (forthcoming) John Ozolins (ed) Culture and Christianity in Dialogue, Springer

"Human Nature and Vulnerability", special issue of Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics (forthcoming)

"Love and the nature of Understanding", conference on "Truth in Love" celebrating 25th anniversary of ACU

Selected Publications

&ldquoAn Interpretation of Medea: Euripides as an Artist of Pessimism.&rdquo Primitiae vol 2, (1981): 95- 102.

&ldquoThe Right to Retain One&rsquos Own Culture: Philosophical Reflections on Relations between Immigrants and Host County Cultures.&rdquo Interlogue vol 5 (1994): 35-41.

&ldquoKilling and Letting Die Again: Theory and Practice.&rdquo Philosophy and Applied Ethics Re-examined, ed. Joseph K. Newcastle: AAPAE, 1994.

&ldquoAgainst Legal Protection of Voluntary Active Euthanasia.&rdquo In Euthanasia: Proceedings of John Plunkett Centre for Ethics Seminar, ed. Tobin B. Sydney: John Plunkett Centre for Ethics, (1995): 19-29.

&rdquoMorality: Life&rsquos Meaning and Human Equality.&rdquo Bioethics Outlook, vol 7 no 1, (1996), 1-4.

&ldquoWhy do they Hate us Thick and Thin?&rdquo In Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics, vol 26, no 3, (2005): 241-260.


Moral Philosophy, Philosophy of religion, History of philosophy, Philosophy of Mind and Language, Science and Metaphysics


I have taught U/G units in: 

Ethics/ Moral Philosophy & Metaethics, Philosophy of Religion, World Religions and Interfaith Dialogue, Ancient Philosophy, Medieval Philosophy, History of Analytic Philosophy, Wittgenstein, recent Analytic Philosophy, Modern Philosophy, Kant, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Language, Eastern and Comparative Philosophy, Metaphysics and Epistemology, Logic- Including Modal Logic and Metatheory,  Moral Philosophy, Philosophy of Science, Moral Psychology, Epistemology, Core Curriculum (Christian Social Teaching)

I have taught P/G and Honours units in:

Foundations of Healthcare Ethics, Resource Allocation, Philosophy of Medicine, Ethics and Religion, Metaethics, Healthcare Ethics and Law, Philosophy of Religion and Interpretation, Natural Theology and Science, Theories of Truth, Normativity Mind and Nature, Ethics and Information Technology, Ethics in Nursing

I have supervised HDR Theses in:

Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Language, Ethics and Genetics, Kierkegaard and Truth, Philosophy of Education and Epistemology, Ethics of Resource Allocation & Managed Care, Autonomy and Healthcare Law, Interreligious Dialogue, Rorty's Epistemology, Philosophy of Higher Education, Aquinas' Metaphysics, Hick's Religious Pluralism, among others

I have taught texts in Ancient philosophical Languages: in Greek & Latin: Aristotle treatises on Friendship, Plato's Symposium, Justin Martyr's Dialogues with Trypho the Jew, The Anonymous Letter to Diognetus

I have edited a number of issues in periodicals and acted as a referee for numerous journals, scholarship programmes, post-graduate research projects and the like

I have acted on numerous ethics committees, chaired many of them, been member and chair of numerous academic administrative committees and Boards.

I work in a wide range of community service areas: a $2m heritage project, have been HSC subject Chief Examiner for Studies of Religion, an ethics consultant for various institutions among other roles

Professional Memberships
  • Australasian Association of Philosophy
  • Australian Seminar in Ancient Philosophy

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