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Professor Ismail Albayrak Name: Professor Ismail Albayrak
Professorial Fellow
+613 9230 8511
Organisational Area
Faculty of Theology & Philosophy
National School of Theology
Building 460 - 250 Victoria Parade(250 Victoria Parade, East Melbourne VIC 3002)-Level 6-Room6.20
Biographical Information
BA (Ankara), MA (Ankara), PhD (Leeds)
Professor Ismail Albayrak is a professorial fellow in the Faculty of Theology and Philosophy. He mainly lectures in Islamic studies and Muslim-Catholic Relations. He teaches and writes on Qur'anic Studies, Classical Exegesis, Ibadi exegetical tradition, and interfaith dialogue. 



Ismail Albayrak-Ihsan Yilmaz, Populist and Pro-Violence State Religion: The Diyanet&rsquos Construction of Erdo?anist Islam in Turkey, Palgrave Macmillan 2022 (978-981-16-6706-0)

Approaches to Ibadi Exegetical Tradition,(ed. Ismail Albayrak) Germany: Harrassowitz Verlag . Wiesbaden 2020

Mastering Knowledge in Modern Times: Fethullah Gülen as an Islamic Scholar, (ed by Ismail Albayrak), New York: Blue Dome Press 2011 

The Art of Coexistence: Pioneering Role of Fethullah Gulen and the Hizmet Movement, New Jersey: Tughra Books 2014 (Edited by Salih Yucel-Ismail Albayrak)

Yilmaz, Ihsan-Ismail Albayrak. 2021. "Religion as an Authoritarian Securitization and Violence Legitimation Tool: The Erdo?anist Diyanet&rsquos Framing of a Religious Movement as an Existential Threat" Religions 12, no. 8: 574.

Ismail Albayrak-Sulayman Shueili, &lsquoThe Notion of Jesus&rsquo Return in the Views of Two Ib??? Scholars: Mu?ammad A?fayyish and A?mad al-Khal?l?&rsquo, Oman, Ibadism and modernity (eds) by Abdulrahman al Salimi and Reinhard Eisener, Hildesheim: Zürich New York : Georg Olms Verlag 2018, 209-217.

Ismail Albayrak, "Ib??? Tafs?r, A Historical Survey." In Approaches to Ib??? Exegetical Tradition, edited by Albayrak Ismail, 1-64. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz Verlag, 2020. doi:10.2307/j.ctv1453kdx.4.

Ismail Albayrak, 'A Turkish Exegesis of the Early Twentieth Century: Elmalili (d. 1942) and his Hak Dini Kur'an Dili', The Qur'an and its Readers Worldwide: Contemporary Commentaries and Translations, ed. Suha Taji-Farouki, OUP/IIS, Qur'anic Studies Series, 2016, 163-194.

Ismail Albayrak and Sulayman al-Shueili, 'The Ibabdi Approach to the Methodology of Qur'anic Exegesis, Journal of Muslim World, 105/2 (2015), 163-193, DOI:10.1111/muwo.12092


 Qur'anic exegesis,  Islam in the modern world, Ibadi studies, Gulen (Hizmet) movement, Interfaith Dialogue 



Professorial Fellow, Theology and Philosophy Faculty, Australian Catholic University

Professor  National Australian Catholic University, Fethullah Gulen Chair in the study of Islam and Muslim-Catholic Relations (2008-2016)

Associated Professor Sakarya University/School of Divinity, Dept. of Basic Islamic Sciences (since November 2005-2007)

Vice Dean Sakarya University/School of Divinity (2006-2007)

Jordon University/Hashimite Kingdom of Jordan (28.10.2007-30.05.2007)

Eastern Languages Institute of Tajikistan (14.7.2013-30.09.2013)

Sultan Qaboos University (15.10.2013-25.12.2013)



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