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Dr Helen Aucote Name: Dr Helen Aucote
Senior Lecturer (Psychology)
+613 9953 3013
Organisational Area
Faculty of Health Sciences
School of Behavioural and Health Sciences (VIC)
Biographical Information

Dr Helen Aucote was awarded her PhD from Deakin University in 2002. She worked as a lecturer in psychology at the University of Ballarat from 2002-2008 before commencing at ACU St Patricks campus, Melbourne in 2009.

Dr Aucote's main areas of teaching are in Introductory Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Research Methods & Statistics.

Dr Aucote is the Course Coordinator for the Bachelor of Psychological Science.


Rice, S.M., Aucote, H.M., Eleftheriadis, D., & Möller-leimkühler, A.M. (2018). Prevelance and co-occurance of internalizing and externalizing depression symptoms in a community sample of Australian truck drivers. American Journal of Men's Health,12, 74-77. doi: 10.1177/1557988315626262

Rice, S.M., Aucote, H.M., Möller-leimkühler, A.M., & Amminger, P. (2017) Confirmatory factor analysis of the Gotland male depression scale in an Australian community sample. European Journal of Psychological Assessment, 33, 190-195. doi: 10.1027/1015-5759/a000287

Rice, S.M., Aucote, H.M., Parker, A.G., Alvarez-Jimenez, M., Filia, K.M., & Amminger, G.P. (2017). Men's perceived barriers to help seeking for depression: Longitudinal fi8ndings relative to symptom onset and duration. Journal of Health Psychology, 22, 529-536. doi: 10.1177/1359105315605655

Rice, S.M., Aucote, H.M., Möller-leimkühler, A.M., Parker, A.G., Kaplan, R.A., Seidler, Z., Dhillon, H.M., & Amminger, G.P. (2016). Conformity to masculine norms and the mediating role of internalising shame in men's depression: Findings from an Australian community sample. International Journal of Men's Health, 15, 157-164.

Rice, S., Fallon, B.J., Aucote, H., Möller-leimkühler, A.M., Treeby, M.S., & Amminge, G.P. (2015). Longitudinal sex differences of externalising and internalising depression symptom trajectories: Implications for assessment of depression in men from an online study. International Journal of Social Psychiartry, 61(3), 236-240. doi: 10.1177/0020764014540149

Di Benedetto, M., Lindner H., Aucote, H., Churcher, J., McKenzie, S., Croning, N., & Jenkins.E. (2014). Co-morbid depression and chronic illness related to coping and physical and mental health status, Psychology, Health & Medicine, 19, 253-262. doi:10.1080/13548506.2013.803135

Rice, S., Fallon, B.J., Aucote, H., & Möller-leimkühler, A.M., (2013). Development and validation of the male depression risk scale: furthering the assessment of depression in men. Journal of Affective Disorders, 151, 950-958.

Aucote, H.M., Miner, A., & Dalhaus, P. (2012). Interpretation and misinterpretation of warning signage: Perceptions of rockfalls in a naturalistic setting. Psychology, Health & Medicine, 1-8, iFirst Article. DOI: 10.1080/13548506.2011.644247

Aucote, H.M., Miner, A., & Dalhaus, P. (2010). Rockfalls: Predicting high risk behaviours from beliefs. Disaster Prevention and Management, 19(1), 20-31.    

Aucote, H.M., & Cooper, A. (2009). The relationship between obesity, sedentary activity, and regionality among school children in Victoria, Australia. Australian Journal of Rural Health, 17, 141-146.

Cooper, A., & Aucote, H.M. (2009). Measuring the psychological consequences of breast screening: A confirmatory factor analysis of the Psychological Consequences Questionnaire. Quality of Life Research, 18, 597-604.

Aucote, H.M., & Gold, R.S. (2008). Changing perception of average person&rsquos risk does not suffice to change perception of comparative risk. Psychology, Health & Medicine, 13(4), 461-470.

Cooper, A., Gomez, R., & Aucote, H.M. (2007). The behavioural inhibition system and behavioural approach system (BIS/BAS) scales: Measurement and structural invariance across adults and adolescents. Personality and Individual Differences, 43, 295-305.

Aucote, H. M., & Gold, R. S. (2005). Non-equivalence of direct and indirect measures of unrealistic optimism. Psychology, Health, & Medicine, 10(2), 194-20.

Gold, R. S., & Aucote, H. M. (2003). I'm less at risk than most guys: Gay men's unrealistic optimism about becoming infected with HIV. International Journal of STD and AIDS, 14, 18-23.


Broadly, Dr Aucote's interests are in the areas of Social Cognitive and Evolutionary Psychology.

Dr Aucote has published researched in the area of Unrealistic Optimism: the biased belief whereby most people feel that they are at less risk than the average person. 

Currently, Dr Aucote is investigating environmental behaviour and the effects of resources scarcity on attitudes and behaviour.


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