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Assoc. Prof. Alicia Evans Name: Assoc. Prof. Alicia Evans
Associate Professor (Nursing)
+613 9953 3187
Organisational Area
Faculty of Health Sciences
Nursing (Melbourne)
Building 403 - The Daniel Mannix Building(8-14 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy VIC 3065)-Level 4-Room403.4.47
Biographical Information

Alicia Evans is a nurse academic and Lacanian psychoanalyst.  Her nursing speciality is in mental health.  Alicia is the Faculty of Health Sciences consultant for qualitative research methodologies. Her own program of research focuses on psychoanalytic and post-structural analysis of nursing and psychiatric practices. 





Evans, A.M., Quinn, C., McKenna, B., & Willis, K. (2021).  Consumers living with psychosis: Perspectives on sexuality.  International Journal of Mental Health Nursing, 30(2), 382-389.

Evans, A.M., Holmes, D., & Quinn, C. (2020). Madness, sexuality and risk: A post-structural analysis.  Nursing Inquiry, 27(4).

Evans, A.M., Quinn, C., & McKenna, B. (2020). The governance of sexuality in a Recovery- oriented mental health service: Psychosis, consumers and clinical approaches. Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing, 27(2), 194-202doi:10.1111/jpm.12569

Licqurish, S. & Evans, A. (2016). Risk or right:  A discourse analysis of midwifery and obstetric colleges and homebirth position statements.  Nursing Inquiry, 23(1), 86-94.

Evans, A.M. (2016). The grammar of sex: verb or noun? In L.Clifton (Ed.) Since Lacan:  Papers of The Freudian School of Melbourne, Vol 25 (pp 127-134)Karnac Books: London.

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Traynor, M. & Evans, A. (2014). Slavery and jouissance: analysing complaints of suffering in nurses talk about nursing work.  Nursing Philosophy, 15(3), 192-200.

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Evans, A.M., Pereira, D.A. & Parker, J.M. (2008). Discourses of anxiety in nursing practice: a psychoanalytic case study of the change-of-shift handover ritual. Nursing Inquiry, 15(1), 40-48

Evans, A.M. (2007). Transference in the nurse-patient relationship.  Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing, 14, 189-195. 

Evans, A.M. (2005). Patient or consumer? The colonization of the psychiatric clinic. International Journal of Mental Health Nursing, 14(4). 285-289







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