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Assoc. Prof. Stephanie Taplin Name: Assoc. Prof. Stephanie Taplin
Associate Professor
+612 6209 1319
Organisational Area
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Coordination)
Institute of Child Protection Studies
Building 302 - Signadou Building (223 Antill Street, Watson ACT 2602)-Level 2-Room 302.2.07
Biographical Information

Associate Professor Stephanie Taplin, of ACU's Institute of Child Protection Studies, has a multidisciplinary background with qualifications in psychology, criminology and public health. She is recognised for her research in the child protection field, in particular: (i) parental substance-using and other at-risk mothers, and their involvement with the child protection system, (ii) prenatal reporting and infant entries to out-of-home care (OOHC), and (iii) parental contact with children in OOHC. Assoc. Prof Taplin has been Chief Investigator on three large recent ARC grants, which cover the topics of parental contact with children in OOHC, ethical research with children on sensitive issues, and removals of infants by the child protection system (current). Her research focuses on contributing to the research evidence, and improving policy and practice in child protection.

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Selected publications


Journal articles

Suomi, A., Evans, L., Rodgers, B., Taplin, S. & Cowlishaw, S. (2019) Couple and family therapies for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews. Issue 12. Art. No.: CD011257. DOI: 10.1002/14651858.CD011257.pub2.

Powell, M.A., Graham, A., McArthur, M., Moore, T., Chalmers, J. & Taplin, S. (2019). Children's participation in research on sensitive topics: addressing concerns of decision-makers, Children's Geographies, DOI: 10.1080/14733285.2019.1639623

Taplin, S., Chalmers, J., Hoban, B., McArthur, M., Moore, T. & Graham, A. (2019) Children in social research: Do higher payments encourage participation in riskier studies? Journal of Empirical Research on Human Research Ethics. 14(2), 126-140.

O'Donnell, M., Taplin, S., Marriott, R., Lima, F. & Stanley, F.J. (2019). Infant removals: the need to address the over-representation of Aboriginal infants and concerns of another stolen generation. Child Abuse & Neglect.. 90, 88-98.

Harwin, J., Broadhurst, K., Cooper, C. & Taplin, S. (2019) Tensions and contradictions in family court innovation with high risk parents: The place of family drug treatment courts in contemporary family justice. International Journal of Drug Policy. 68, 101-108.

Powell, M., McArthur, M., Chalmers, J., Graham, A., Moore, T., Spriggs, M. & Taplin, S. (2018) Sensitive topics in social research involving children. International Journal of Social Research Methodology. 21(6), 647-660.

Bullen, T., Taplin, S., McArthur, M., Humphreys, C. Kertesz, M. (2017) Interventions to improve supervised contact visits between children in out of home care and their parents: A systematic review. Child & Family Social Work. 22(2), 822-833.

Dawe, S., Taplin, S. & Mattick, R.P. (2017) Psychometric investigation of the Brief Child Abuse Potential Inventory in mothers on opioid substitution therapy. Journal of Family Violence. 32, 341-348.

Taplin, S. (2017) Prenatal reporting to child protection: characteristics and service responses in one Australian jurisdiction. Child Abuse & Neglect. 65, 68-76.

Islam, M.M., McRae, I., Mazumdar, S., Taplin, S., McKetin, R. (2016) Prescription opioid analgesics for pain management in Australia: twenty years of dispensing. Internal Medicine Journal. 46 (8), 955-963.

Taplin, S., Bullen, T., McArthur, M., Humphreys, C. Kertesz, M, Dobbins. T. (2015) kContact, an enhanced intervention for contact between children in out-of-home care and their parents: protocol for a cluster randomised controlled trial. BMC Public Health. 15 (1).

Taplin, S. & Mattick, R.P. (2015) The nature and extent of child protection involvement amongst heroin&ndashusing mothers in treatment: high rates of reports, removals at birth and children in care. Drug & Alcohol Review. 34, 31-37.

Taplin, S. & Mattick, R.P. (2014) Supervised contact visits: results from a study of women in drug treatment with children in care. Children & Youth Services Review. 39, 65-72.

Taplin, S. & Mattick, R.P. (2013) Mothers in methadone treatment and their involvement with the child protection system: A replication and extension study. Child Abuse & Neglect. 37, 500-510. 9. Taplin, S. & Mattick, R.P. (2011) Family Drug Courts: An option for the Australian child protection system. Developing Practice, 28, 13-22.


Taplin, S., Richmond, G. & McArthur, M. (2015) Identifying alcohol and other drug use during pregnancy: Outcomes for women, their partners and their children. ANCD Research Paper 30. Canberra: Australian National Council on Drugs.

Bullen, T., Taplin, S., Kertesz, M., Humphreys, C & McArthur, M. (2015). Literature review on supervised contact between children in out-of-home care and their parents. Canberra: Institute of Child Protection Studies, ACU.

Taplin, S. & Mattick, R.P. (2011) Child protection and mothers in substance abuse treatment. NDARC Technical Report No. 320. National Drug & Alcohol Research Centre, University of NSW.

Taplin, S. (2005) Is all contact between children in care and their birth parents &lsquogood&rsquo contact? A discussion paper. NSW Department of Community Services, Sydney.

Taplin, S. (2005) Methodological design issues in longitudinal studies of children and young people in out-of-home care: A review of the relevant literature, and recommendations for a longitudinal study in New South Wales. NSW Department of Community Services, Sydney.

Taplin, S. (2002) New South Wales Drug Court Evaluation: A Process Evaluation. NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research, Sydney.

Non-Refereed Articles

Taplin, S. (2015, 17 April). Adoption has a role in child protection, but it's no panacea [Opinion Article]. The Conversation.

Practice-Based Publications

Bullen, T., Taplin, S., & Barry, E. (2015). Supporting quality contact visits for children in out-of-home care. Research to Practice Series, Issue 10. Canberra: Institute of Child Protection Studies, ACU.


Current and recently completed grants

ARC Discovery Grant (DP170101441) Removals of infants by the child protection system: examining their nature, extent and impact to guide prevention and early intervention. Investigators: Assoc Prof Stephanie Taplin, Dr Melissa O&rsquoDonnell (UWA), Prof Rhonda Marriott (Murdoch), Prof Karen Broadhurst (Lancaster University, UK), Dr Fred Wulczyn (Chapin Hall, USA). 2017-20.

ARC Discovery Grant (DP150100864) MESSI: Involving children in social research: Balancing the risks and benefits. Investigators: Prof Morag McArthur (ACU), Prof Anne Graham (Southern Cross University), Dr Merle Spriggs (University of Melbourne), Dr Jenny Chalmers (UNSW), Dr Timothy Moore (ACU), Assoc Prof Stephanie Taplin (ACU). 2015-17

ARC Linkage Grant (LP130100282) kContact: Improving contact between children in out-of-home care and their birth parents: developing and trialling a contact intervention. Chief Investigators: Professor Morag McArthur, Dr Stephanie Taplin & Professor Cathy Humphreys (University of Melbourne). 2013-17.

NSW kContact Study. Investigators: Assoc Prof Stephanie Taplin, Prof Morag McArthur. Funding: NSW Family and Community Services and partner agencies. Funding expand the larger ARC-funded kContact study in four NSW sites. 2017-2019


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